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Time to let go and move on? 

]]> <![CDATA[Reply To: SEO links on social platforms]]> Sat, 14 Aug 2021 22:01:00 +0000 Hi Mark.

Yes they will find them as the links are 301 redirects whncih means that the URL points to your domain name. This also means that all the link juice is passed on to your website if he shortened link is pointing to your domain name.

I hope that helps answering your question?

]]> <![CDATA[SuiteCRM a Solid free Enterprise CRM for your businesss]]> Sun, 23 May 2021 15:32:45 +0000 SuiteCRM is a great alternative to paid CRM solutions.

Suite CRM | Simple URL Shortener SEO forums

If you are looking for a great CRM system for you business then SuiteCRM is a great alternative to salesforce, ZohoCRM and HubspotCRM.

Not only is it a Enterprise grade CRM system but it is also totally free and open source so you can install it on your own company´s servers if you want or if you prefer hosted then SuiteCRM of course offers a cloud version.

Although there are no difference between the on-premise version and the cloud version in terms of features. You get all the features for free no matter what your preference is to host it yourself or use the paid cloud version.

SuiteCRM is a fork of SugarCRM which for many years maintained a free open source community version called SugarCRM CE but in 4/9/2018 it reached it´s end of life and SugarCRM shut it’s free open source program. That is where SuiteCRM came in as the company SalesAgility took over the development of SugarCRM CE and renamed it to SuiteCRM.

SuiteCRM is built with PHP and can run on any PHP enabled server with very little consumption of server resources (memory/CPU usage etc). Both Linux and Windows servers works great. So pick your winner! 🙂 

As a free system there are no fees either for adding users, you can just add your whole team to it without any additional costs involved which is a really nice thing.

With SuiteCRM you can do all the thing you can with other systems and there is a lot of integration options plus a plugin store system where you can add more functionality just like you can with WordPress. In the paid version you have of course direct access to support while in the self hosted you have to use the support forums and solve the issues yourself if they should arise which is of course something important to take notice of. However you can still by access to the support for your self hosted instance if you wish. As of now SuiteCRM has around 4.5 million users worldwide and growing. 

Download it and install on your server today or try the demo

]]> <![CDATA[How to Harden Both WordPress and Your Server’s Security]]> Sat, 24 Apr 2021 15:24:11 +0000 How to your harden WordPress the right way

A short guide to prevent you from being hacked

Below you find a list with some very good tricks to harden your server and WordPress installation which will help with preventing your system from being hacked by script kiddies and other lame bad people that which you mess up peoples hard work; including yours.
Remember that there isn’t a fool proof way to secure your system. Internet security is an on-going process and never stops.

  • Place .htaccess files in all folders that should not be accessed.
  • In your control panel shut down all directory listing and browsing access. Login to your control panel at your web host and search for “Indexes” and then chose the directory folders that needs to be protected
    C-Panel login screen | Simple URL Shortener SEO forums

    cPanel Main Indexes sub panel | Simple URL Shortener SEO forums

    C-Panel Indexes folders | Simple URL Shortener SEO forums

    C-Panel Indexes config choices | Simple URL Shortener SEO forums

  • Prevent editing core files from WordPress itself. Add the code to your wp-config.php file in wordpress which then will disable the ability to edit WordPress server files from the WP dashboard.
  • Move the wp-config file above the WP root directory e.g. public_html
    C-Panel File Manager | Simple URL Shortener SEO forums

    C-Panel file manage overview | Simple URL Shortener SEO forums

  • Move the content of the wp-config file to another secret location above the public_html so that the wp-config file is just a fake file.

    Once you done that then you need to create a new directory in C-panel (home/your-account-name/) where you place your real wp-config file in. The real WP-config should be locked with 400 file permission and the .htaccess file should use 404 file permission.

    C-Panel File Manager overview secret folder | Simple URL Shortener SEO forums

    C-Panel File Mananger WordPress configuration file wp-config.php | Simple URL Shortener SEO forums

  • Delete the first user (The first administrator user) and create new one that do not have ID number 1. The WordPress admin user that is automatically created for you when you first install WordPress is known as WordPress user with id of 1. This is because in the _users database table, the record id for the admin user is 1. As you can see here:

    WordPress Administrator | Simple URL Shortener SEO forumsuser number one
    The user can be easily replaced that you create a new user in the WordPress control panel and then set that new user to be the administrator. Once you have done that then logout of the first admin with ID1 and login to your new administrator account and then delete the first account. This can of course be done from the database too and delete the user with ID1. But it just easier to do it directly from the WP backend.

  • Install and configure a security plugin/firewall such as for example:

    WPMU Dev’s Defender or
    iThemes Security

    You can of course find other firewalls too here if you search at

  • Harden the server itself. Use Patchman:
    Patchman server monitor manware | Simple URL Shortener SEO forum

    If it is your own hardware/VPS server, (Which you should run anyway in the first place and not a shared hosting environment), then installing an additional security layer in Linux itself such as Patchman makes perfect sense: ,
    (Patchman is a Premium service).

    Patchman will scan and monitor 24/7/365 not just your WPMU (WPMU=WordPress Multisite) or single/stand-alone WordPress installation, but the whole Linux server itself and all other web applications you might run off your server and Patchman does this down deep from the OS core itself. If any mischief things are found then Patchman will automatically correct and patch it to close the security hole. Pretty neat, right?

  • Also always remember to delete the files upgrade.php and install.php from your wp-admin and license.txt and readme.txt from the wp-root directory each time you upgrade.
  • Make sure to have access to real host backups:

    WordPress Host backup | Simple URL Shortener SEO forums

    No backup plugin can ever substitute and beat host backups which is based on real server backup infrastructure taking full backups of your whole server on a daily basis, (and it makes your site faster too because one less plugin to bog down your server which is an additional bonus.). Having access to a reliable solid backup system with retention points that goes months back will save your sorry skinny butt when the sky falls down on you and it will.

    It is not a question of “if it will happen“, but when it happens. You need to be ready for that situation when things fail in regards to your website.

  • How to Configure Secure WordPress Database Permissions,(After WordPress installation):

    databases MySQL mariaDB | Simple URL Shortener SEO forums

    Never run your WordPress Installation with full database user permissions.

    The WordPress database is the most important component of your WordPress website. It contains all the content of your website, such as information about your users and all your posts, etc.

    In order to access the database, a database user should have specific privileges that allow him or her to manipulate it. The WordPress database is built using MySQL/MariaDB and contains privileges which allow users to make certain changes. The ‘grant access privileges’ give users full privileges. This is a very convenient option for a user if they want to have full control over the WordPress database.

    However, from the security point of view, this is extremely dangerous, since if a hacker gains access to the database then he or she will have full control over the WordPress database and the stored data, which can have catastrophic consequences on your website security. Therefore it’s not recommended to grant a user full access, unless the user needs to be able to use the DROP or DELETE SQL commands.

    Below is an example of the minimum privileges a database user needs to have. Other database permissions are regarded as “extra” privileges that in most cases are not needed. A typical WordPress user should be granted the following database privileges only:

    • SELECT
    • INSERT
    • UPDATE

    C-Panel MySQL Database WordPress DB user minimum permission requirement | Simple URL Shortener SEO forums

    If you are upgrading WordPress, the above database permissions might not suffice between versions, WordPress might need to make further changes to the database. In this case, if you are only upgrading to the latest version of WordPress, add the below privileges to the WordPress database user:

    • CREATE
    • ALTER

    NOTE: Some plugins might require additional database privileges such as CREATE, DROP or DELETE and in those cases these privileges should be granted.

    In addition to securing your WordPress database permissions, you should make sure that each database of your website is accessed through a separate account and not through the root account.

    C-Panel MySQL Database full user permissions WordPress | Simple URL Shortener SEO forums

  • You should lock mission critical files with 400 or 404 file permissions

    You can read more about why that is so important here in this article:

  • Finally but last:
    Remember to set and apply the .htaccess files to your WordPress installation to further secure it and harden it:

    .htaccess files in WordPress security | Simple URL Shortener SEO forums

    .htaccess | wp-admin folder

    .htaccess | wp-includes folder

    .htaccess | wp-content folder

    .htaccess | wp-content plugin folder

    .htaccess | wp-content MU-plugin folder

    .htaccess | wp-content theme folder

]]> <![CDATA[A Simple Guide to local SEO 2021]]> Mon, 21 Dec 2020 12:15:55 +0000 A Simple Guide to local SEO 2021

So you’ve started a website for your local business.

Great! that’s the first step to online success.

But now you need people to find that website on Google.

But how do you get results as I have for my client Chase Ecology?

SEO Staffordshire

Well, you’ll need to know a little about Local search engine optimisation.

Unfortunately, Local SEO Staffordshire is not easy, but thankfully, it’s also “not” unachievable.

Throughout this article, I am going to teach you what to do to use Local SEO Staffordshire in 2021, so you can reach out to potential new clients.

However, Although we use Staffordshire as an example, these tips will work for any town, city, county throughout the world.

Essentially, this guide fits all Local SEO campaigns, wherever your business is located.


What’s in the Local SEO Staffordshire Guide?

As a business owner, you really need to understand the importance of Search Engine Optimisation or SEO Staffordshire and implement it in your business.

A well-planned SEO strategy will have a considerable impact on letting more clients find your business.

There are a lot of ways to work with this so you need to be prepared to learn as many strategies as possible so you can use them to your advantage.

Take your time and go through the following guide to learn more.

I have divided this guide into various sections to make it easy for you to navigate and understand the concepts.

When you optimise your site for SEO Staffordshire, you will notice a significant improvement in your site’s organic traffic, user interaction, conversion, and sales.

If you’re tired of doing a lot of hard work and not having it noticed, this Local SEO Staffordshire Guide is here to help you put your business in front of new clients.

Meaning, you will be able to reach out to potential new customers, without needing to invest £100’s or some cases, £1000’s on just advertisements and social media shoutouts.

Local SEO Staffordshire basically helps you to rank higher in search engine results when people look for websites like yours.

So what will you learn from this guide?

  • How to rank in the Google Map Pack
  • How to optimise your Google My Business profile
  • How to build NAP citations
  • How to Optimise your website
  • Local SEO Tools
  • and loads more.

But why am I giving all this information away?

Well, it’s as simple as this.

I have a policy of only one client per industry. So if, for example, you’re a photographer, then I will only take on one client in that niche.

Yet, there are 1,250,000 results on Google for photographers in Staffordshire alone!

Obviously, not all of those results will be different websites or even photographers based in Staffordshire, however, you get the idea right.

That’s a lot of photography businesses that need Local SEO Staffordshire.

So this guide is here to help those people who want to do Local SEO for their business.

That said, Not all industries are taken,

So, If you do want Done For You SEO Consultancy speak to me today and see if your niche is open!

With that out the way.

Let’s jump right in and learn Local SEO Staffordshire.

Local SEO Staffordshire Basics

In this section, we’ll cover the basics of local SEO Staffordshire.

First, I’m going to show you some data that kills any myths that search engine optimisation is pointless for a local business.

Then, I’ll show you how the Google Map Pack works… and the best way to set up your Google My Business profile.

What is Local SEO Staffordshire?

Local SEO is not any different from any other SEO Staffordshire campaign, apart from having to also optimise for the Google Map Pack too.

Essentially, all search engine optimisation is the practice of ‘improving’ a website in order to rank higher in the search results, increase traffic, leads, and brand awareness.

However, with local SEO, we also need to include finding local keywords, optimising a business’s Google My Business profile, and building “NAP” citations.

As well as all the usual on-page and off-page SEO techniques.

Why SEO Staffordshire Is Important

Don’t Worry!

I’m not going to start throwing you a host of stats you won’t understand or care about.

But I do want to quickly highlight a few essential statistics you need to understand about how important Local SEO is for Staffordshire businesses.

According to recent studies, approximately 75% of all internet sales are completed after searching on Google, Ecosia, Bing etc.

Local SEO

And, according to Search Engine Roundtable46% of all searches in Google have “local intent”.

Added to this, a study by RankRanger shows that 29% of all Google results show the Local Map Pack.

These figures show just how important search engines have become for any business.

There are currently over 200 factors that a search engine such as Google uses to determine which page will be seen first and which ones follow them.

But to simplify things lets look at SEO Staffordshire in three ways:

  1. Google Map Pack – The results Google shows for local search.
  2. On-page SEO – The actual content on your website, that tells Google what the page is actually about.
  3. Off-page SEO Staffordshire – Social Profiles, Backlinks, etc, proving the site’s authority and trustworthiness.

Understand that search engines can’t decide what content to deliver to a user if they don’t know what the page is about and if the source is trustworthy.

To determine which web pages to show,

Google uses 200+ undisclosed ranking factors in their algorithms to decide if a piece of content is worthy of being 1st on the 1st page.

Here’s a look at the role search engine optimisation (SEO) has to play, how it works, and what search engine optimisation can help with.

1) Targeted Leads

SEO Staffordshire is vital for several reasons, and it has a lot to do with targeting.

When done correctly, you can put your website in front of the right target audience without wasting time.

Any other type of marketing is more of a “hit or miss” situation, and that is riskier.

Instead, Google only puts your website in front of someone that is actively looking for your type of content.

2) Free Leads

Once your SEO Staffordshire campaign is underway, and the site starts ranking, it generates free leads around the clock.

This is essential for those on a tighter budget looking to bring in thousands of targeted leads without blowing their budget.

Whether it’s a large company or a single-person operation, everyone has a chance of gaining free leads through Google/Bing.

3) Builds Brand Authority

Most people are starting to use search engines as a starting point for their purchases.

This means it’s crucial to rank higher on Google as soon as possible.

Those who rank well can build authority in their industry and become a go-to option for people.

If they see your website on a major search engine, it immediately screams legitimacy.

4) 24/7 Marketing

Local SEO Staffordshire is essential because it offers 24/7 marketing, and that’s essential while building a local business.

You want to be marketing even while sleeping, and it starts with significant search engines.

 5) Excellent Starting Point for Marketing Campaigns

Local SEO has to be the foundation of your marketing strategy as it provides targeted, free leads around the clock.

Any other choice isn’t going to generate value as search engine optimisation can.

Search Engine Basics

To understand and harness the power of search engine optimisation, it’s best to start with the basics.

Google made this awesome infographic to show their process.

How Google Works

In basic terms, search engines are going to work around three specific mechanisms.

  1. Indexing
  2. Crawling
  3. and Ranking.

Each component plays a viable and vital part in how the search engine functions.

Crawling refers to the process of finding new, established content on the World Wide Web.

Various bots are used by these search engines to scour the Internet in a bid to find links and new pages.

After the bots crawl different pages, search engines find copies of the website and its content.

This content is “indexed” on the search engine’s servers in a bid to use it for their search results.

A sophisticated algorithm is designed to make sure each piece of content is appropriately organised under the right online category.

Once the content is indexed, the search engine’s algorithm begins working on ranking the page based on its legitimacy/quality.

The core premise is to rank pages higher based on their relevance, quality, and authority.

Once the formula is in motion, the page starts ranking for specific keywords on Google/Bing.

As soon as the user hops online and types in a query, they are provided with a list of results that have been ranked.

Over time, search engines have developed and become meticulous with regards to how the ranking occurs.

In the past, most pages were ranked for nothing more than having the right keywords.

However, over time search engines are refining their processes and ranking based on a number of variables.

Several changes have come to rise in recent years.

One of the biggest additions to the world of search engines has to do with major social networking platforms such as Facebook and Twitter.

These social media platforms are able to spread the word about specific content, and that provides additional leverage for search engines in determining what’s relevant.

Google and Bing have taken these platforms and used them as a way to pinpoint how reliable specific web pages are before ranking them.

Search engines are also designed to personalise specific searches based on different variables, including where the user resides.

For example, users will often notice seeing local search results before international ones.

This is done on purpose because the average person wants results that are closer to home.

Google is an example of how machine learning has come into the equation over time.

Several variables are used to understand what a person may search for based on their previous queries.

It provides a better, well-rounded page of results once the next query is made.

How Big of An Impact SEO Staffordshire Can Have on Growing Your Business?

SEO Staffordshire helps you get your site to show up towards the top of search engine results and this matters because everyone uses search engines to find answers to their queries.

When potential new clients perform a search, they’re usually searching for specific things. So, when they find you, they’re already interested in what you have to offer them.

Furthermore, people really only click the top 10% of results, so to get these ideal visitors you have to be towards the top otherwise you just buried under a pile of a million other websites.

That’s why Local SEO Staffordshire is so important.

How Local SEO Staffordshire Works

Local SEO Staffordshire works like any other Google search.

When someone searches for a business or product, Google scans through its index to provide the best results for that search term.

What makes Local SEO Staffordshire unique is that Google uses a different set of ranking factors in its algorithms to rank the local search results.

In our example, it narrows down the search even more to towns and cities within a specific county – Staffordshire.

What we need to understand is that Local SEO has a set of unique ranking signals, including:

  • The location that the person is searching from
  • NAP citations
  • Presence of Google My Business listing
  • Keywords used in Google My Business profile
  • The sentiment of online reviews
  • Shares on social media
  • Google Maps star rating for that business
  • and many others that we don’t need to worry about at this stage.

So now we understand a little more about what Local SEO Staffordshire is,

Let’s learn how we can optimise your business to rank number one on Google.

Google Map Pack

In this section, I want to talk about the Google Map Pack.

We’ll learn about:

  • How Google’s Local Map Pack works
  • How to track your Map Pack rankings
  • Helpful Local SEO tools
  • How to rank in Google organic for local keywords

So if you want to get a crash course on The Map Pack, you’ll really enjoy this chapter.

What is the Google Map Pack?

The Google Map Pack (also known as Local Search Results) shows the 3 local business results with the most relevance and trust.

A map of their locations pulled from Google Maps is also displayed.

I’m sure you’d of seen this when doing a search yourself for a local service.

But let’s take a look at what each section is.


So we see that just like normal search Google display any ‘paid AdWords’ at the very top.

Then We have Google Maps, Local NAP citations, and finally the organic search results.

As you can see, There are just 7 slots you can achieve to be on the very first viewpoint for potential customers.

However, by implementing Local SEO Staffordshire, you can get your business to display in 4 potential spots.

Just keep in mind that The Map Pack has its own algorithm with its own set of rules.

Naturally, some ranking factors (such as link building) will help you rank in both local and traditional organic results.

But others (like NAP citations) are basically only important for ranking in The Map Pack and brand authority.

One thing I want to highlight here is that Google doesn’t only show local results for keywords that contain a specific town or city.

If Google thinks that a search needs a set of local results, they’ll show it… whether the keyword is local or not.

You may have seen this yourself.

For example, you may have searched for a ‘carpet shop’ near Lichfield, Staffordshire.

Google gave you a Map Pack, that showed shops in Lichfield, Cannock, and even Walsall.

That’s ‘local’ results for 3 different towns in a 20-mile radius.

Walsall, been in a different county – West Midlands.

This is more likely to happen when the Local SEO Staffordshire techniques have not been implemented.

Sounds like a great opportunity to tie down those search results and make them your own.

Keep this in mind as you do keyword research for your local business. Which we’ll touch on later.

But in essence, you want to optimise for “business + industry + town/city” keywords.

So let me show you a quick case example. Say we have a business called John’s Flooring.

We would look to optimise our business name “John’s Flooring + Carpet Shop + Stafford”

With that out of the way, let’s see how you can elevate your local SEO Staffordshire rankings with Google My Business.

Google My Business

I’m not going to go into Google My Business too deeply in this article.

That’s because I have already written a guide on 5 Simple Steps To Setting Up Google My Business.

However, as an overbrief, Google My Business is a feature Google added to its search engine in order to generate high-quality traction among targeted users.

Some of the largest businesses in the world are taking advantage of this feature to showcase their shopping hours, address, phone number(s), and other related contact information.

When it comes to GMB, been consistent is VITAL.

google my business

Everything you enter into the Google My Business MUST match your website, it should also match your NAP citations around the web.

Make sure your Store Name, Address, Telephone Number, Email are all the same, across the whole internet.

The GMB feature has become a powerful way to remain in touch with the target audience as soon as they start searching.

For those unaware of Google My Business and its implications in a local SEO campaign, it’s time to get started right away.

My Guide linked above shows you exactly what it takes to launch your own business page through their online platform.

Local Organic Rankings

If you’re a local business, The Map Pack is the place to be.

That said:

You don’t want to completely ignore the organic search results.

Yes, the local organic results usually show up BELOW the local pack.

But don’t let that fool you into thinking that it’s “Map Pack or nothing”.

Because most local searches have an insanely strong commercial intent, it’s totally worth ranking in the local SERPs too.

Later in the guide, I’ll go more into depth on how you can optimise your on-page and off-page SEO Staffordshire to ensure you’re in the organic rankings.

Can’t wait to learn? You can jump to that section here.

But I wouldn’t recommend missing what I have to teach first.

NAP Citations

Now, let’s look into one of the most challenging and time-consuming parts of local SEO Staffordshire:

NAP (Name, Address, Phone) citations.

NAP citations are similar gaining backlinks: they’re difficult to build and it takes hours to implement your data into hundreds of local directories.

Yet, NAP citations are also one of the most important elements of any Local SEO campaign.

Generally, I use a Local Business Citations service delivered by MakingOnlineEasy.

Legiit citations

It cost just $25.

They will handle everything and save 100s of hours having to do it yourself.

However, If you do want to build your own NAP citations, I’ll show you how to build them in the section.

Find out where your NAP already exists

As I mentioned earlier, You need your NAP information to be 100% consistent everywhere.

  • On your website.
  • On your GMB profile.
  • On business directories.
  • On local listings sites.

Effectively: any website that mentions your business.

The most important thing you’ll need to know is where your NAP information is already placed.

You can do that with a tool such as WhiteSpark.

Alternatively, just search your NAP details in google and see what comes up in the search results.

  • Is that information up-to-date for the business?
  • Is there any historic NAP info that needs updating?

With this information to hand, You can then build a strategy to start implementing any new NAP citations or update any old information.

Update any old NAP citations

Now that you have a list of citations, you want to update any NAP citations that are of date or are inconsistent.

With your NAP citations list to hand, the next step to correct as many as you can.

Usually, that will mean one of two things:

  1. Log in to any directories, such as Yell, and simply update the information.
  2. Reaching out to any websites that have manually inputted your NAP citation and asking them to update it for you.

In the case of the second citation type, A simple email can usually be enough and they’ll update those details for you.

Find Citation (and Link) Opportunities

So You’ve updated all out of data NAP citations,

You’ve added your details to 350+ directories through my recommended service or done them yourself, what do you need to do next?

Well, simply keep your eye open for opportunities.

Have a scout around for any local website that may have a directory or product/service display page, for example.

Local citations are relevant and powerful citations that can give your Google Map Pack rankings a great boost.

Another, great tip to find opportunities is to search your competition’s NAP citation details.

See if they are listed on any website that you are not, and reach out to get your details added.

On-Page SEO Staffordshire

When Google first became a major player, they came up with what was at the time a very unique way of ranking content online.

Over time those methods became the primary ways in which all the major search engines ranked websites and content pages.

As some people learned to manipulate content solely for the purpose of ranking, Google began looking for ways to prevent undue manipulation.

Through a long series of changes, there was a significant impact on websites and their rankings which caused many people to become disillusioned with SEO.

Even so, certain factors such as on-page SEO Staffordshire is still an important ranking factor.

Why On-Page SEO Is Still A Major Ranking Factor

Even though the major search engines have made many changes over the years on how they rate and rank websites and their individual pages, they still have to have a way to determine which page will be placed first and which will come after that.

Effectively, Content is KING!

content is king

Obviously, the search engines want to accommodate their users so they can retain the ones they have and can gain new ones.

This means they need to deliver the very best content for the queries the users are typing into the search engines.

The main way that content demonstrates what it is about is through on-page SEO.

Constructing effective page titles along with a good meta description are a couple of examples of SEO that are used to determine what the page is about.

Other factors include permalinks that are SEO-friendly and header tags such as H1 through H6. Including images and perfecting them for SEO would be another important factor.

You probably already know that you want to write 100% unique content for every page on your site.

So if your business serves Cannock and Stafford, you want the content for each page to be completely different.

Just ensure you avoid duplicate content.

Although our case study shown below, Chase Ecology, is based in Lichfield, a key service area for them is Solihull, Near Birmingham, UK.

By creating quality content for people on why people may need Bat Surveys in Solihull and what the process is, we managed to rank them number one on Google.

bat surveys in solihull

This obviously won’t help you rank in the Google Map Pack.

But you can grab those rankings in the local organic results for lots of different local keywords.

And as long as you offer services in that area, the traffic these articles generate will convert into sales.

I’ve written a separate guide on how to write good quality content.

My how to write killer blog posts guide will help you to learn more about on-page SEO.

Keyword Research for Local SEO Staffordshire

In this section, I want to show you how to find keywords for local SEO Staffordshire.

Keyword research for Local SEO can be another time-consuming process.

However, it is also a very important aspect of ensuring you dominate Google’s search results.

Luckily, local SEO keyword research is initially a one-off job.

Unlike blog content, you won’t need to keep trying to find fresh and exciting keywords.

That’s not to say keywords aren’t important for local searches.

They’re 100% important.

But in most cases, all you need to get started is a smaller list of keywords that people may be searching that you can use for your local SEO Staffordshire campaign.

Actually, there are some great services from keyword research experts, such as FreddyEdmonds, who will do the donkey work for you and pick the strongest keywords for your business.

However, if you do want to do the hard work yourself then here are a few tips to get you started.

Google Suggest

Google Suggest is a great way to look a popular search terms

Yes! Google literally gives you suggestions from what people search for most regular.

The only thing to keep in mind here is that the local search has to be something that potential local customers are gonna search for.

Let’s go back to our example of a carpet shop.

if you type in “Carpet Shops”, you’ll see this list of suggestions:

Google Suggest SEO Staffordshire

Outside of “near me”, these keywords are a great fit for local SEO Staffordshire.

They show three different towns in Staffordshire, and even a “low hanging fruit” keyword suggestion, Carpet Shampoo.

So if you have a carpet shop that also sells carpet shampoo, you’ll use the suggestion to also focus on that search term.


Well, it’s as simple as people are searching for that keyword, Google suggests it after all.

But what if your business does not sell carpet shampoo?

Then simply write a great piece of blog content for your website.

Something like “The 10 Best Carpet Shampoos to use in 2021”

It’ll drive traffic to your website, and let potential new customers know about your business and the products you do actually sell.

Tool: Google Keyword Planner

Generally, the Google Keyword Planner is used for AdWord campaigns.

However, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t be using it for general keyword research too.

There’s nothing stopping you from using the tool. You do not need to then run an AdWord campaign.

This free tool gives you search volume data for specific geographic areas.

When you arrive at this screen, just click on Get more website sales.

Google Keyword Planner

As you go through the stages, enter the homepage URL of one of your competitors.

And Google will suggest a bunch of keywords based on the terms that show up on that page.

Repeat the process, for the top 3 rankings websites for your area and industry and you’ll be able to prepare a list of keywords to use for your Local SEO Staffordshire campaign.

Off-site SEO Staffordshire

Your website is blocked, and it’s not getting any traffic from Google?

Some of your pages aren’t being indexed correctly?

Your site has got a weird URL parameter?

These are common issues that I get asked about most regularly.

Technical or Off-site SEO Staffordshire refers to the technicalities behind your site. How it’s built and how it serves its content to its users and search engines.

The most significant issues for most websites inside a google is that they’re blocked or their ranking is affected either because of URL parameters, google removal tool, robots.txt file. And sometimes wrong relative canonical tags, no-index or no-follow tags, etc.

Guess what, all these things that I just rattled off the top of my head – are all related to technical SEO, and you probably don’t even know what most of those are.

The first step to any off-site SEO is to ensure you have started a website that is built on a good foundation.

Once you have a solid website foundation, such as WordPress, then we can ensure all common issues highlighted above are solved.

Tool: Google Search Console

One of the main components of Local SEO for your Staffordshire business involves understanding the role of Google Search Console (GSC). The main purpose of this tool is to help manage and monitor websites through an in-house portal.

This portal includes relevant data involving how the site works and its underlying metrics. This ensures users can play around with the settings and make sure their website is fully optimised for Google’s search results.

Google Search Console is often used as a way to bridge the gap between Google and its webmasters. It allows Google to provide continuous streams of information regarding what they’re doing, potential updates, and what issues may be arising in the near future. All information is pertinent in making sure your Staffordshire SEO campaigns remain on track.

This tool also acts as a way to learn more about your website and make adjustments in one place. This can include how the site is displayed on Google and potential errors that are being noticed by Google Search Console. If there are potential issues, Google Search Console also provides access to specific tools, including being able to submit XML sitemaps. By doing this, webmasters can determine what’s wrong with their webpage and what needs to change.

Google Search Console is great for a number of reasons, and one of them has to do with the in-house data.

You can scour through each piece of information to see where traffic is coming from, how it’s coming, and what is working. This allows you to make specific adjustments to ensure that traffic keeps rolling in on a daily basis.

It also sheds light on click-through rates and general visibility. This has become doubly important with the continued reliance on mobile-related search queries.

Anyone that is running a robust SEO campaign has to make sure they are optimising the site through Google Search Console.

Google Search Console is also a power-packed option for those looking to integrate with other systems (i.e., Google Analytics). Anyone that is looking to optimise their website and make sure everything is working in the right order has to go through Google Search Console. It’s a one-stop platform to help manage errors and redirects.

Importance of Optimising Social Media Profiles:

Your social media profiles are going to be essential for your business. Social media marketing is a fundamental component of a comprehensive digital marketing mix.

This is why it is so important to optimise your social media profiles.

1) Improve the Authority.

When you can optimise your social media profiles with the right keywords and content, you will be able to improve the authority of your profiles.

Having fully developed profiles is key to getting them to where they need to be in order to boost your website’s ranking potential.

Search engines constantly look for ways to improve the rankings.

They use a form of ‘social proofing’ by using the data that is supplied by the social media profiles in order to figure out which websites are deserving of rankings.

Thus, the more ‘likes’ and engagement you are able to generate with your social media profile, the better your ranking will be.

2) Get More Traffic

Without complete optimisation of your social media profiles, you are bound to miss out on a lot of potential traffic.

Getting more traffic from your social media profiles is one of the best ways to improve your website’s rankings because it essentially tells the search engines that your website is providing relevant and high-quality content.

However, your social media profile needs to be highly optimised to improve your traffic because it will not attract traffic without relevant content.

The more optimised and relevant your content is, the more likely you will be able to convert onlookers into actual traffic to your profile and onward to your website.

3) Improve Your Engagement.

Likewise, without having the right kind of targeting through optimisation, you are likely not going to generate the kind of engagement that you would like to.

As long as you are targeting the right market with your content, you should be able to generate enough interest to get a lot of engagement with your website.

Being able to improve your engagement is a big reason you want to focus on the overall optimisation of your website.

Importance of Mobile Responsive Design:

Nowadays, the majority of traffic comes from various sized mobile devices. As a result, having a website that properly scales for these users is critical to provide them with a highly optimised experience.

Google knows and understands how important it is for its users to have a highly optimised experience which has led them to place a significant emphasis on using mobile responsiveness as a ranking factor for websites.

1) Ranking Potential.

To put it simply, if your website is not mobile responsive, it will not rank well.

Google and other search engines want to provide their users with websites that are going to meet their needs and provide them with a good experience.

A website that forces a mobile user to utilise a desktop version is not going to provide a great experience for the end-user. Therefore, your rankings will be lowered as a direct result.

2) Better User Experience.

Another reason you want to be sure that you are providing users with a mobile responsive design has to do with the experience that you are providing your users.

It is important to provide the best possible user experience because it can keep them on your website, more engaged, and much more likely to convert into a potential customer for your business.

Being able to provide a great user experience is only going to improve your ability to rank better due to increasing your visitor’s page on time, decreasing bounce rates, and more.

3) Lower Cost.

When you are looking to build and maintain two separate versions of a singular website, you are going to end up spending a lot more money on the complete project.

Being able to not only build but maintain two separate websites is going to lead to redundancies and inefficiency throughout your organisation.

By building a website that is responsive and capable of properly scaling to different sized devices, you will be able to build a single website and not have to worry about maintaining two different versions.

Overall, there are plenty of different things that you want to do in order to improve the rankings of your website within the search engines.

Generating high-quality backlinks is easily one of the best things that you can do to improve your search engine rankings by providing your website is authority.

Along with this, optimising your social media profiles to boost engagement can play a critical role in getting your website to rank better.

Lastly, having a mobile responsive website that caters to the growing segment of the marketplace will put you in a good position to take advantage of the ever-growing market and to look good in the eyes of the search engines that are looking to do the same.

Link Building for Local SEO Staffordshire

Search engines are an authoritative traffic source and continue to help millions of businesses worldwide.

From small businesses to large international organisations, everyone is taking advantage of search engine optimisation.

Most marketing strategies are now devised around the concept of SEO and all that it entails.

For those looking to take the next step up in their marketing approach, it’s time to assess the merits of SEO.

A well-designed search engine optimisation campaign can generate significant results while improving your ROI (return on investment). It can be a game-changer for those looking to grow as their business gets stronger.

Then you need to look at other Staffordshire SEO techniques for authority as listed below.

1) Why Are Backlinks Important and how do you get them?

Backlinks are one of the ranking factors that the search engines use in order to figure out how high your website should be ranking within the search engines.

Backlinks are considered as the most crucial ranking factor based on what they showcase about your website. Not only do they dictate how many sites are linking back to your website but can imply that your website is a useful resource for the particular keywords that you are looking to rank for.

By checking to see how many authority websites are linking back to your website, Google is much better able to determine where you should be ranking and the overall quality of your website and its content.

2) Publish Authority Content.

The main thing that you will want to focus on when you are looking to drive more backlinks from authority sites would be to publish authority and overarching content that websites will be able to link to for respective keywords you want to rank for.

One of the best ways to create this type of content is by looking to see what is currently being linked to the most in your respective niche and creating content that far exceeds it.

You want to create content that websites can link to for the various keywords that you want to generate backlinks for by creating the ultimate resource page for someone that is looking for information within the niche/industry.

3) Leverage Infographics.

Infographics can be one of the best ways to generate more backlinks to your website because it is proven that users love them.

Infographics can be excellent tools for marketers and websites to use because they are extremely easy to understand, they look great, and they can tell a story to your audience. Because of this, infographics are a great way to really generate a lot of backlinks.

All you need to do is create a unique and compelling infographic, and you will be able to generate not only traffic with it, but you will generate a lot of shares and backlinks at the same time.

4) Guest Posting.

Guest posting is another great way to maximise the number of backlinks you are able to generate because you will be able to not only choose the websites that you post on, but it is going to allow you to post your backlink within your content which can help you drive more traffic to your website in general.

By posting on other’s sites that have a similar target demographic, it is going to improve your website and brand’s exposure and allow you to generate some great backlinks that you can take advantage of to really propel your website higher within the ranks.

The 8 Week Link Building Process

Link Building is one of the most powerful ways you can rank your website to the top of Google.

Effectively, receiving a ‘link’ from another website is a way to show they trust you.

In turn, gaining even more trust from Google. The more Google trusts you, the higher they rank you in the search results.

When I work with my clients for link building, we design an SEO Staffordshire campaign around an 8-week link building process.

But what are those steps?

Well, I’ve outlined a complete guide to Link Building. Take a look and get your link building process underway, the right way!

Final Thoughts

Local SEO Staffordshire is the way forward for those looking to optimise their business and its online footprint.

There are several different marketing approaches available to contemporary business owners, but it all comes down to understanding what works and what doesn’t.

This is where SEO Staffordshire comes in as a viable solution to generate new leads regularly.

As long as a business is willing to set up a proper Staffordshire SEO campaign and takes continued measures to analyse incoming traffic, the results will be great.

Take the time to settle in and jot down a proper search engine optimisation plan before coming up with a comprehensive campaign.

This includes claiming your Google My Business page as soon as possible.

When it comes to generating new leads, building a great brand, and moving towards long-term success, nothing is better than a highly organised Local SEO campaign.

And remember, If you need help with your SEO Staffordshire campaign, get in touch, and let’s see how we can work together to help grow your online presence.


]]> <![CDATA[Dominate Google in 8 Weeks With Link Building]]> Mon, 21 Dec 2020 12:10:07 +0000 Dominate Google in 8 Weeks With Link Building!

Link building SEO

So you’ve finished your sexy new website!


But how are people going to find it?


It all starts with the right link building progress, right!

Recently, I’ve been spending hours watching SEO videos and live streams.

Chris M. WalkerCraig Campbell, and Chris Palmer all have some incredible SEO tips and tricks for you to try today.

One thing I’ve been cherry-picking from some of these videos in the best link building processes that the leading Done for you SEO Consultants are using to dominate Google right now!

I’ve used those backlink tactics, to put together an 8 Week link building process, that will have you dominating Google in no time.

I’ll even include some services to get you going right now.

Let’s get started.


Link Building: My 8 Week strategy to fly up the SERPs

Before we jump right in,

I’m going to presume you’ve already built your website!

If not, Don’t worry.

You can take a look at my guide on how to start a website in less than 30 minutes.

You’d of also written at least one pillar piece of content.

Pillar or ranking content is a substantive and informative piece of content on a specific topic, that can be broken into several sections.

For example, my Guide to Local SEO is a piece of pillar content.

Basically, it’s a long piece of content that you can turn into many smaller pieces.

I then use that guide to break into more blog posts, such as my blog on 5 steps to setting up Google My Business, videos, social media updates, etc.

These posts further enhance the optimisation and content delivery throughout my website.

link building

Week 1 – Build Social Profiles

I mean it’s great you have a Facebook page, It’s an incredible way to engage with your potential customers or followers.

But, there are so many more channels you need to be utilising too.

Instagram, YouTube, Twitter to name just the other big players.

Social profiles are also incredibly powerful when it comes to ranking in the search results too.

Simply put, your social profiles influence the content of your search results.

In fact, social media profiles are often amongst the top results in search listings for brand names.

Try it, do a search for a big brand on Google. I’m sure you’ll find the company’s social media profiles appearing in the top 10 search results.

Social profiles are generally more intimate than web pages, and in today’s social network world, that’s exactly what your clients are looking for.

There’s no doubt that your social profiles matter to Google and especially to people who are looking for you online.

Social media is also one of the most powerful ways to push traffic to your website.

As such, it pays to be active and engaging on your social profiles. Share your latest content and be responsive to comments and questions.

Added to this…

Did you know Facebook is the 4th largest search engine in the world?

Yes, social networks are search engines too, and having a profile is basically like having a Google My Business account.

So, in week one, set up your Social Profiles. Be consistent with the same profile image, same descriptions, and contact details. Include your NAP where possible, and of course, you need a link to your website.

Haven’t got the time to do all that by yourself?

Neither would I!

That’s why I use this incredible service from Rohin Dua. His link building team will set up 200+ of the best rated and domain authority social media profiles from just $39.

Social Profile Creation

Week 2 – Start Link Building

So now your all set and excited about link building to your new website.

Your website has had a week to settle and your social profiles are starting to be generated. Now it’s time to start sending links to those social profiles.

That may sound strange, why would I send links to my social profile, not my website?

Well, link building is also about Google’s trust flow, right?

The more trust your website has, the more likely you are to start ranking from your brand.

Social media is the best place for you to gain that trust.

Foundation link building

It’s no secret that Google loves quality link diversity.

A range of different links, from different websites at different powers.

Foundation links are what they say on the tin basically.

They provide a starting point to your link building process that you would naturally start getting from a wide range of sources. This is usually like when you start adding your site to online platforms, such as leaving your link in forum comments, profiles on websites, and when people naturally link to your website when they recommend you.

Effectively, foundation links allow you to get your strategy into action before you jump onto heavy link building such as PBNs, Guest posts, and larger quantity blog comments, etc.

As a warning, If you get this wrong, you could easily end up with a penalty from Google.

Especially if you start off building too many links in a short period of time.

FreddyEdmonds’ Rank & Bank Foundation Link Building Bomb, is where I’d be heading, to make sure you don’t get on the wrong foot with Google before you even start.

Remember, send these links to your social profiles.

What is a Niche Edit Link?

We want to start with some high-quality, Tier 1, niche edits, or link insertions.

Niche edit link building is a powerful tactic to place a contextual link to an existing blog post or page on an already ranking website. Manual niche edits are gained by reaching out to websites directly and asking, or more likely paying, to get your link added to a relevant post on their website.

These can be very difficult to find and because your website is new and fresh, you may need to speak with 100s of website owners until one will accept your link.

Personally, I’d recommend you try this service from SERPWolf.

By employing a niche edit specialist, it will save you a ton of time and money, as they’ve already spent years building up that trust with other website owners.

Again, a gentle reminder to send these links to your social profiles, not your money site just yet.

What is a citation?

Next, we want to ensure our brand is spread across the worldwide web through quality Citations.

According to,

“A citation is any online mention of the name, address, and phone number of a local business. Citations can occur on local business directories, on websites and apps, and on social platforms. Citations help Internet users to discover local businesses and can also impact local search engine rankings.”

Effectively, the easiest way to achieve this is to list our brand on as many directories as possible.

This is naturally very time consuming, To build out 100+ citations can take weeks.

Luckily, With this service from MakingOnlineEasy, will save you a ton of time and money. Plus it’s only $25.

Naturally, we don’t want to send your URL entry to our social profiles, this should be your homepage. Citations need to follow the exact match of your Google My Business. However, if they allow you to insert social profile links, then take full advantage of that.

Week 3 – Link Building to your homepage

It’s time to start building authority on your actual website this week.

Have these links, at the stage, sent to your website’s homepage to build your brand authority.

Link building at this stage will be catered to gaining the highest quality backlinks possible and setting out the velocity (the number of links each week) in which your whole strategy will follow in the future.

As I mentioned earlier, We don’t want to hit our website with too many links too early.

A great starting point would be to write a Guest Post on another website.

What is a Guest Post?

Simply put, guest blogging or guest posts is where you write content for another website.

Generally, guest bloggers write articles to submit to other websites relevant to their niche. This has several benefits:

  1. To raise awareness about your business or website
  2. To Attract traffic back to your website
  3. And, to boost your domain authority, by using external links from a high-authority domain.

Similar to gaining a niche edit link in week 2, Guest Post publishing can be very difficult to land because your website is new and fresh. Other website owners need to see that you are expert enough in your field for them to share content on a website they’ve taken years to develop and maintain.

Added to this these links really do need to be of the highest top tier quality, from highly rated relevant websites.

In time, you’ll easily gain those placements with no problems, but for now, I’d be leaving it to SEOs who already have those relationships.

FreddyEdmonds’ Guest Post service is my preferred choice.

To not overdo it on link building at this early stage, place just ONE link insertion to your homepage.

What is a PBN?

This next step to your link building process is to start introducing the power of PBNs.

Ensure it is a top-quality top tier mind!

A Private Blog Network is a group of websites used to build links (and therefore pass authority) to a single website for the purpose of powering search engine rankings.

There’s a lot said from the dedicated ‘white hat’ community about PBNs, but the simple fact is PBNs work incredibly well.

You may be thinking, Can you make my own PBN?

In theory yes. In reality NO!

Well, chances are not successful.

Creating a PBN is a full-time job in its own right, and unless you know how to work them correctly, it’s not worth the risk, time, or financial outlay in running them yourself.

The cost of hosting expired domains, and the time to run a network of 50, 100, or even 1000s websites, just is not worth it for the return.

It’s best to leave that to the experts who specialise in PBN setups.

Talking of which, one of the best PBN services I’ve used and come across so far comes from Chris M. Walker.

Building on from Week 2

Trickle that Link Juicee further by adding to the link building we started in Week 2.

Build some more Tier 2 backlinks in the same ways we achieved them for our foundation link building.

The link diversity will keep things looking perfect in the eyes of Google, and give you the desired link diversity to start getting noticed.

Week 4 – Continuation

In week three, we’re going to replicate the link building process we laid down in previous weeks.

Build more tier two foundation backlinks and 1 PBN and 1 Guest post link.

However, added to that we’re going to enhance our social profiles, by sending some more links to them.

Week 5 – Introduce Secret Sauces

Following again from week 4,

We’re going to push those Tier 2 links to social profiles and a single PBN top tier link to your homepage.

It may also be an idea to top up those citations, depending on the number of citations you have already placed.

We’re also going to again publish a Guest Post.

However, this time we’re going to send the guest post link to our ranking or pillar content.

This will be the first step in implementing our link building strategy to our other pages.

Why use PR for SEO?

The secret sauce to many SEO’s link building tactics is this special little nugget in the form of a Press Release.

Press Releases have been used by numerous SEOs for a while now.

Simply put, It just works.

I’ve been using this method for about 18 months now and have seen some incredible results for my clients and my own websites.

PR has many incredible benefits to your website’s link juicee and brand authority. As well as a great way to share your latest service or product to a worldwide audience.

A good Press Release service will have you featured on major broadcast news like FOX, NBC, CBS, ABC, And you’ll be able to proudly showcase the “As Seen On” badge on your website to build credibility, and hence boost trust which leads to conversion.

Added to this, A quality PR will provide:

  • Increase Site Traffic
  • Massive Ranking Boost
  • Increase GMB Rankings
  • Massive Distribution with Contextual Anchor Text Links

The last bullet point is key to your link building process. A Great, SEO focused Press Release, such as those provided by Nix Lee & SpinePR – see here, will provide you with hundreds of high authority tiered backlinks to your website is a beautifully managed and natural way.

What are Social Signals?

So we have really started to bump up our link building campaign.

You’ve landed some powerful links and now your first major PR.

Google is now going to be looking for social signals coming from your content.

Social signals are essentially a webpage’s collective shares, likes, and overall social media visibility.

Are people talking about your brand or published ranking content?

These activities contribute to a page’s organic search ranking and are seen as another form of citation, similar to backlinks.

Your website will hopefully generate natural, social signals from the content you are sharing on social network sites such as Facebook.

But, that most likely at this stage is not going to be moving any needles for google.

To help that needle bend, head over to this $14 service here and give those social signals an extra boost.

Week 6 – Watching Movement

Week 6 is when you should start seeing some movement in the search engine results.

All that hard work with your link building is starting to pay off.

However, you can’t now just sit back and think it’s working, that will be enough!

Remember, linking building is an ongoing, lifetime process for your website.

So this week, we’re going to continue pushing links to your social profiles, you could increase this say 2-4 top tier links now.

Added to this,

Implement another Top tier Guest Post link on your homepage and a Top tier PBN link to your pillar content.

Week 7 – Continuation

Week 7 is effectively just the same as week 6.

However, instead of 1 PBN and 1 Guest Post, we’re now going to double this.

Personally, I’d place 1 PBN & 1 Guest post on each of my homepage and the ranking content. This will keep a good distribution of different link building across the website nicely.

Week 8 – Keep Link Building

Been a long 49 days so far right?

Well, the good news is hopefully by now you should be seeing the needle changing on your web rankings and Google is showing your website on the upper levels of its search engine results.

With that in mind, it’s time to feed the hungry beast (Google) more food (content).

It’s time to launch another killer blog post to use as pillar content and start the link building process all over again.

Well, kind of.

You have already placed the foundations for your brand so we can virtually skip, the first few weeks and jump straight into starting with another Press Release.

To give diversity to the news outlets, I recommend you use a different service this time. That’s where Randy comes in – Check out his service here.

For future reverence, I would advise you to alternate your PR service supplier for each PR.

Place your PBN and Guest post links in the same way as you did in week 7.

This time using your new pillar or ranking content for link building.

Finally, push those Social Signals again.

Final Thoughts

Remember, link building is very much quality over quantity.

Diversity in your link distribution is so important.

Don’t put all your eggs in one basket. It’s why I use several SEOs services instead of just one person.

But ensure you use the highest quality links only.

Want to digest all this again? Chris Palmer has this two-part video, using a very similar link building technique.

Finally, that is not the end.

Keep the 8 Week Link Building Process To Dominate Google going in the cycle, and you’ll start dominating SERPs for your niche.


]]> <![CDATA[Peter Schiff: Gold Standard will return (Podcast)]]> Mon, 21 Dec 2020 11:36:55 +0000 Gold standard | Simple URL Shortener SEO forums
Peter and I discuss how to price gold, the Fed’s lack of independence, Janet Yellen becoming treasury secretary, student loan debt, banking stocks resuming buybacks, bitcoin and why I want him to take me suit shopping.

What do you think? Write a comment below?


]]> <![CDATA[Why have lunch alone when you can network and have lunch?]]> Sun, 06 Dec 2020 20:42:59 +0000 Lunchin Business networking

I’ve recently joined this new social business network and the concept is quite simple. Basically you join your local group in your city area and have lunch with other business people that you do not know and create new contacts or join an online business networking meeting and have lunch together. Four people can virtually “sit at each table.

Great idea and a nice way to create valuable contacts in a time efficient manner and in a very productive way.

Here is video about the business network:

Join their newly launched business networking platform here:

Lunchin Business Network on LinkedIn:

Do you maybe know some great business networks that you can recommend too?
Maybe share here in the forum thread and make a comment? 🙂

]]> <![CDATA[Business & giving “zero fucks” at things that doesn’t matter.]]> Sun, 06 Dec 2020 19:59:56 +0000 Self Care Tips For Entrepreneurs and not “giving a fuck”.

I’d thought this guy is giving some great advice about running your business and taking self care. In the end of the day if you don’t take care of yourself your business will be hurt by it too. 😉

Watch the video and maybe leave a comment of what you think yourself about the subject?

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