How do I raise the API limits for my account?

Simple URL Shortener | How can I raise the API limits?
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As a Simple URL Shortener premium business user there is no need to request a change in your API limits as we do not enforce a hard limit of monthly API calls, instead you enjoy unlimited API requests under the terms of “fair use” of our service.

E.g. as long as you do not severely impair the API with such huge impact on our service that it affects negatively on the user experience of all our other users then there is no limit at all. However if this freedom of unlimited API calls is severely abused then we do reserve the right to add a hard limit to your account .

However, when all that is said and done; we do request that you do ensure that you are not making unnecessary API calls when it is not really needed.

For example: If multiple API calls can be avoided by the API call is triggered instead by a user’s own interaction of clicking a button then that is of course a preferred option because this puts less strain on the system.

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