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Our API is for businesses and developers that need to implement Simple URL Shortener's API though their business own solutions and/or On-premises software applications. This will provide a short introduction on our API solution and what you can use it for. For more direct technical information please refer to the support article pages of the "Developers API" section.
With our API you can integrate your own applications and shorten your links from within these systems without having to be logged into your Simple URL Shortener account itself. All you need is your private API key and follow our documentation which you can find here in our support portal.
The API documentation explains how you can use our URL shortener API and integrate into your business systems in regards to your specific needs of coding language.

We offer a simple way to build our API shorting service into your business critical system so you can automate your link shortening requirements for efficient link management and building powerful marketing campaigns that amplifies the engagement of you audience.Our enterprise-grade security lets you integrate with other technologies with peace of mind.

You are allowed to use our API for:

  • Marketing campaigns in general
  • Large-scale SMS communications and marketing
  • Sales campaigns
  • Email marketing
  • Deep linking in Android, iOS, Linux mobile applications.
  • Integrations into core business applications such as CRM, CMS, EPR, Accounting, telemarketing software etc
We do not allow that our API is used for services that offer any types of sexual content or for abusing our service by sending spam of any form. Any abuse will result in the termination of your account.


With our platform you have hassle free link management of shorting of thousands of links by integrating our platform into your applications and thereby gaining utmost efficiency for your business needs. Build your own work-flows in your applications to send securely short links to your customers and users.
You can use chose different domain names that we offer through our multi-domain feature and generate branded custom alias easily and generate millions on shortened links. We do not limit our API which gives you the edge of that you can generate as many links as you need without having to worry about API limits. You can read more about API call limits in the support articles here on our support portal.

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