How Do I Use Multi-Domains?

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Multi-Domain allows you to use several different domain names when you shorten a link and lets you customize your short links to suit your needs of how you intend to use the short link; like example for a marketing campaign it might better fit your need to use a different domain name than the system default domain name.
To do this you will need to have create to a free or paid account on our main website to access the Multi-Domain feature.

If you haven’t done it so far then you can do it here: and login to your account dashboard.

Once you have logged into your dashboard click the Shorten new link:.

and add your link that you wish to shorten to a smaller hyperlink in the URL address field:

After you have added the long link which needs to be compressed to a smaller link; use the domain selector drop-down and choose the domain you wish to utilize for your purpose:

Decide after that if you want the system just to generate a random URL string or if you like to use a custom link alias. using s custom link alias is often a better choice because its makes the short link easy to remember and generates more clicks than randomly generated URL which is for example is desirable when using the short URL for a marketing campaign or sharing the link on social media platforms. To sue a custom link alias type then name that you wish to use into the “Alias” window:

If you are content with the result then go ahead and then click the button “shorten” and the system will generate the final shortened link for you and you’re done!

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