Changing the type of URL redirect

301 redirect type  Simple URL Shortener

Simple URL Shortener provides two different ways of 301 redirects for your target audience that clicks on your links and visits your final destination target URL:

  1. Page Redirects:
    This will shows your visitors a security preview page before the visitor will be redirected to the final target URL destination. This is the system default option
  2. Direct Redirects:
    This will redirect your audience transparently and directly to the target URL destination without seeing any system pages from Simple URL shortener .

Watch the video below and see how to change the redirect type

Click on the video window above to start viewing the video.

change-redirect type existing URL link | Simple URL Shortener

If you already have created a short link and you at some point want to change the type of 301 redirect for that link then go to your dashboard and click “Manage Links” in the right pane dashboard menu.


Menu manage links | Simple URL Shortener

and then expand the menu and click “All links”:

menu expanded manage links | Simple URL Shortener

Select from the page the link you wish to edit:

menu expanded manage links edit button | Simple URL Shortener

in the new window go down to the section with the drop-down selector for “Redirect Type” and select the redirect you want to use and then click on “Submit” button.

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