How to use the URL smart targeting system

Manage your visitors traffic and your short URL’s smarter.

In some cases you want to target your traffic in different ways depending on what type of traffic it is; depending on the country origin, device type and so forth. Our very powerful smart targeting system allows you to do that with only one short link, so you do not have to make a short link for each traffic type.  A more efficient way to manage your visitors traffic and smarter!

Go to your accounts main page and click the “New Short Link” button:
New shorten link button | Simple URL Shortener

Now in the new window click the button “Advanced Options”:
Click the button "Advanced Options" - Simple URL Shortener

and you will see this window:

smart targeting traffic system 1 - Simple URL Shortener

You can have as many smart destination links within a specific short link as you like. You can even set rules where your audience traffic is sent depending on where they live and the devices they use.

This is a very convenient and effiecnet way when you are setting up for example a marketing campaign for your company and you wish to send your customers do various destinations depending where they are from.

For example:
Your company have multi-lingual website and you want each customer to land on the version of your website which is in their language. By using our URL smart targeting system you can do exactly that! 

Click on the “Add More” button to add as many smart targets as you need and set the traffic rules after you requirements. There is no real limits as you can can configure the rules to meet many different scenarios and marketing campaign needs.

Here is short video showing an example of that:

How to set up smart URL targeting rules to manage your audience with  Simple URL Shortener.

As per example above you can see how we setup rules for that visitors using Windows computers and either talk Swedish, French or English should be sent to their respective language link. So then when a French visitor clicks the shortened URL that you create he or she is then sent to your French language version of your website. 

smart targeting traffic system 2 - Simple URL Shortener

As you can se in the next example above same applies but this time the rules are deciding if traffic from United Kingdom, USA or France should be redirected and to which destination decided on the destination links entered.


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