How can I copy a link?

There are multiple ways to find and copy your Simple URL Shortener links in your account


From your dashboard Manage Links section:

menu expanded manage links | Simple URL Shortener

Manage links copy 01 | Simple URL Shortener


From the Bookmarklet tools Bookmarklet browser integration tool, (Premium feature), after you have added the browser extension to your browser’s bookmark/favorites toolbar from the dashboard menu:

Browser bookmarklet tool copy link | Simple URL Shortener


When you create new URL New Short Link in your dashboard section. (This can only be done directly the short link has been created. After that you need to go to manage links in the meny):

New short link button | Simple URL Shortener

Manage links copy 02 | Simple URL Shortener


On the public front-page. You can also always create anonymous links with the public link shortener.

However you should be aware of that you cannot manage these anonymous links from within your personal account. They are a one-time only copy and paste occurrence :

Manage links copy front-page anonymously 03 | Simple URL Shortener

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